What about the crows that would save the city from cigarette butts?

What happened?

A few years ago a few Dutchmen managed to get city crows to work as street dustmen; pick cigarette butts for payment in food. The Dutch offered to train crows around the world and the news spread from city to city. Could the crow possibly help us to get rid of the butt plague (since humans cannot)? We don’t know the answer since serious issues came across. Most important, the dutch ran out of money. Another issue; they couldn’t explain what the dustmen work would mean for the crows themselves.

So, what about it? Nothing happened. The city crows are still unemployed, live as usual, chasing food, delivering new crows in their messy homes. However, perhaps not quite as usual in Sweden where they have become red-listed, that is to say on the list of species in decline. The possible reason is ironically better lids on the dust bins.

The company behind the idea.


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